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What is is a new mining online simulator platform very similar to Rollercoin.

You can earn free cryptocurrency by playing mini game, earn power and then use that power to mine different coins. This kind of platforms tend to keep building and survive because the crypto market is starting to thrive and many new people are jumping into this kind of platforms. I hope this platform will be online for at least couple of years, it looks very promising.

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Can i earn free bitcoin on

Yes, you can earn free Bitcoin and Doge and the moment, but they will be adding many more coins. At the moment of writing you can only mine Bitcoin, Doge and their native coin LMT.

How can i earn crypto on

You can earn free crypto on Limercoin by three ways

Limercoin Games

1. Play Mini Games every day and earn Free Crypto

Make and account here -

Start playing mini games , at the moment there are only 3 games available but they will add more games in near future. You can play each game 30 times a day, this means you can play a max. of 90 games every day to get the max. of the daily rewards.Once that you start playing games, you will get energy after each game and with that energy you will start mining one of the three available coins at the moment (LMT, BTC, DOGE), you can adjust which coin you want to mine at the moment, or you can mine all the coins, its your choice. That energy will last 24 hours and will mine for 24 hours.

2. Buy Miners - Investment, but you won't have to do anything.

By buying miners in the game, you will be getting unlimited energy which you can use to mine the same coins. You dont have to do anything, just sit back, relax and collect your rewards. I personally am buying miners and also playing the games. This way i double by income. I reinvest 30% of the earnings back into the platform so i increase my earnings for the next month

Do the miners expire?

No, once you purchase the miners they will mine forever, or until the platform runs.

Limercoin Miners to buy

3. Join Weekly Tournaments

Limercoin Weekly Tournamets

You can join weekly tournaments. You will move up the leaderboard once you start earning points. You can earn points by playing games and by buying miners. So its a win win situation. Simply by playing the games you will earn energy which will bring you mining power for the next 24 hours so you will be mining free crypto and in the same time you will be earning points and you will move up the leaderboard so maybe you will get some free rewards every week

Limercoin Rules and Rewards for the Tournament

Can i swap LMT to BTC and Doge and vice versa ?

For the time being you can only swap BTC and DOGE into LMT but not the other way around. Once that you have LMT you have to use them to buy miners, racks or chests. You can only withdraw Bitcoin and Doge.

What is the minimum to withdraw on

The minimum required amount to withdraw is

For Bitcoin is 0.0002 (at the time of writing this post)

For Doge is 80 Doge coins

Is Limercoin legit and is it worth it?

I am personally using Limercoin and i will continue to use it since ive been using Rollecoin for 5 years now and i have withdrawn a lot of crypto. I see great potential here also since is the same concept. I didn't miss Rollecoin , i was there at the start. I wont miss Limercoin too.

I have invested into Limercoin and i am playing games every day. I will continue to invest around 30% of what i get from it and withdraw the rest. I hope this platform will be here to stay. You can join my Telegram group where i post all my withdraws and see for yourself :)

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