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How to start from 0 - From Free Crypto to Passive Income - Guide

I would strongly suggest doing this on a PC (it would be difficult to start from a phone) but after you have set up everything you can earn free crypto from your mobile phone

 Step 1 :    

  • -First thing you need to do is get a crypto wallet (place where you will keep all your cryptocurrency safe)
  • -I would recommend Exodus (i am using it) the best free online wallet to keep your earnings safe
  • -Download and install on your PC 
  • -Important : write your password and the secret key (you will get it after you start using Exodus) on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place so you won't lose it

Useful TIPS : When creating new account on a platform - always write E-mail, Username and Password on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place 

  Step 2 :

  • -Second thing you need to do is register on Faucet Pay (micro wallet)
  • -This micro wallet allows you to withdraw for certain sites a lower amount of satoshi than direct withdraw
  • -Link your Exodus receive addresses to Faucet Pay
  • -Example : Fire Faucet - Ethereum Withdraw - Minimum amount as direct withdraw to Exodus - 24 $                                                                               - Minimum amount as withdraw to Faucet Pay     -  3 $
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Useful TIPS : Many platforms offer low minimum withdraw option on Faucet Pay - Use this to get larger amount of Free Crypto in one place - Reinvest or Withdraw on Exodus

 Step 3 :

  • -Third thing you need to do is join any of the platforms that you can find in these categories under

  • -Once you have registered on the platforms that you chose, its time to start earning some Free Crypto 

  • -Play Games, do Simple Tasks, Watch Ads, do Shortlinks, do Offerwall, claim the Faucet, daily quests, daily login reward and much more

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 Bonus Steps :

You can find many tips and hints on how to start and what is the best way to earn Free Crypto on my YouTube channel and here on the website in the Review category in the Menu​

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Next thing i would suggest you watch this video on how to start building passive income from which you can reinvest or withdraw later 

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