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Cointiply Review : Is Cointiply paying and is it worth it

What is Cointiply?

- Cointiply is an advertising platform that offers ways to promote your business and even earn free cryptocurrency. Cointiply offers many ways to earn free cryptocurrency. Cointiply has been online since 2018 and has been operating without any problems since.

Can i earn Bitcoin with Cointiply?

-Yes you can, every task or quest that you do on Cointiply awards you with satoshi (fraction of Bitcoin)

How much Bitcoin can i earn with Cointiply?

- You can earn almost unlimited crypto on Contiply. It only depends where do you live and are offers and surveys are available in your country. Doing offers and surveys is the Most Rewarding way to earn crypto. It only takes couple of minutes (maybe hours - but the rewards will be bigger) , the longer the survey , the bigger the reward. If Offers and Surveys are not allowed in your country, you can still earn Free Bitcoin every day by claiming the daily free faucet, watch PTC, play mini games, loyalty bonus and much more.

How to earn free Bitcoin on Cointiply

2.Earn Interest

3.PTC 4.Offers




8.Play Games

9.Play Multiplier


1.Daily Free Spin

-You can log into your account and spin the wheel and get free Bitcoin every day.

Ways to increase rewards from Daily Free Spins


-Loyalty Bonus

-Cointiplier .This shows your personal activity on Cointiply and its rewarding you with multiplying your next Free Daily Spins. You can increase your Cointiplier by doing daily tasks, doing offers, do PTC, watch Videos and refer friends. Cointiplier does Not show real time results based on your recent activity - it shows results from on your activity on Cointiply based on the past month.

-Loyalty Bonus

Log in every day and claim your Free Daily Spin. You can increase your rewards to a 100% Bonus on your next claims after 100 days of constant claiming (at least once a day)

You you skip 1 day. The Loyalty Bonus will reset and you will have to start over again.

Tip : Best way to claim and not forget is to set up a notification or (as i do it - i have Bookmarked every site that i claim from, and with my morning coffee i claim every site in around 30 min)

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