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Honeygain Review : Can you earn with Honeygain?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

What is Honeygain?

-Honeygain is an application that will use your spare internet connection and for that it will reward you with cash or even cryptocurrency

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Withdraw Options on Honeygain

- You can withdraw your earnings on your PayPal account, withdraw Bitcoin(BTC) direct to your wallet or withdraw your earnings in their own Honeygain coin - JMPT (JumpTask - read below)

minimum for withdraw - PayPal and Bitcoin - min. 20 $ to withdraw

JumpTask (JMPT) - No minimum

How can i earn on Honeygain?

You can start earning once that you have installed their application. This application will work in the background and it will use your spare internet connection to do its own tasks and it will reward you for your internet connection. You will have no trouble using it because it will use only the connection that is spare, it will not intervene while you are using your connection for other stuff.

- Use Honeygain normal board - Use connection to pay you PayPal or Bitcoin

-Use Honeygain JumpTask board - Use connection to pay you JMPT

What is JumpTask and what is JMPT on Honeygain?

JumpTask is the Honeygains personal blockchain - that aims to open a decentralized marketplace available to all people from around the world.

It offers variety of options that users, business people and investors can benefit from and also help make the world a better place. They have their own currency JumpToken (JMPT), this token has a limited supply and it has a maximum number of tokens that will be released. It will not burn nor create new tokens once all already created are used.

You will need a MetaMask account to connect to your Honeygain account to start using the JumpTask

JumpTask also offers other options for earning - You can do offers ( simple tasks and quests) , playing Games to earn JMPT and even do quick surveys to earn more

Can you stack JMPT and earn passive income?

Yes you can Stack JMPT (the ones you earned for free) and earn additional cash

There are 3 options to stack

  1. Minimum stake is 10 JMPT and you will earn 18.3% APR

  2. Minimum stake is 100 JMPT and you will earn 25.7% APR

  3. Minimum stake is 1000 JMPT and you will earn 32.5% APR

Keep in mind this may vary since the time of writing ( 11.09.2022 )

You can earn or even buy JMPT on Pancake Swap

Personal experience and use

I've been personally using Honeygain for a more than a year now and i am pretty pleased with it. I use it on several devices and i even installed it to my family members trough my referral link so i've been earning a little more lately. I also advertise it on my site which also brings me referrals so its pretty good once you have referrals that signed from your personal link. But now with JumpTask there are many options to earn from , playing games, taking surveys, doing tasks and as usual , share your internet connection.

Remember , the supply of JMPT is limited .

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