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What is free Bitcoin? is a platform where you can get Free Bitcoin from a couple of ways.

Its one of the oldest platforms that have survived both bitcoin crushes and is still running. Its been online and paying since 2013 and it has more than 39 MILION registered users.

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How to start earning on Freebticoin?

There are multiple ways to earn on Freebitcoin

  1. Claim the free faucet every 1 hour. (you can get from 5 to 100000 satoshi) depending on the price of BTC ( the lower the price, the more satoshi you get)(satoshi is a millionth part of BTC)

  2. Earning passive income - Once that you have 30 000 satoshi you will automatically start earning interest on those satoshi ( the interest rate is 4.08% on a yearly basis, but if you buy their FUN token you can get up to 5.5 % APY)

  3. Multiply your Bitcoin - You can multiply your Bitcoin by playing HI-LOW ( with every game you play on HI-LOW you will be getting free lottery tickets and the probability to increase your free claim bonus

  4. Betting - You can on famous sports evens and even the price of Bitcoin (will it go up or down) and you have great % if you are into gambling

  5. Lottery - You will be getting free lottery tickets and have a chance to win up to 0.2 BTC, you can also buy lottery tickets, this will also increase the free claim bonus of the faucet

What is FAN token?

The FAN token is the native currency on and it gives you many advantages. If you buy and hold 12 500 FAN tokens you will be getting the bonuses as on the picture

The longer you hold your FUN tokens the more bonuses you will get. You will get a cashback on your gambling and also you will get increased daily interest ( keep in mind this 10% is not on a yearly basis - the 10% will increase the stable 4.08% i mentioned before)\

(so you have a fixed rate of 4.08% interest on Freebitcoin and if you get 12 500 FUN tokens you will be getting 4.08% + (10% from 4.08%) = 4.49%)

This can help you earn faster on long-term.

RP - Reward Points on Freebitcoin

-You get free Reward Points on every faucet claim you do on Freebitcoin. You can use these RP ether to get free bitcoin or exchange them for physical prices, like phones or ledger wallet. You can also get bigger bonuses and you can even activate a bonus RP to get free FUN tokens with every spin.

If you want to exchange the RP for Bitcoin you will have to gather 100 000 points, since that is the minimum. If you exchange 100 000 RP you will get 0.001 free bitcoin.

Final Review : Is legit and is it worth it?

I personally have been using Freebitcoin for a long time now and i am earning in couple of ways. The first thing is i use the faucet couple times of day because its opened on my phone and it takes literally 10 sec to claim the faucet. The other way is with the interest rate.

I have deposited around 100$ worth of BTC and i am getting daily interest on it. FreeBitcoin pays accruals daily, so when i deposited the BTC i was getting around 25 satoshi a day without doing anything and since i am now withdrawing everyday, the interest compounds and i am getting higher interest every day since the rewards stay in the platform. That means if i get rewards today from interest, tomorrow i will be getting more interest since the it gives me rewards based on the current balance. As i said i was getting 25 satoshi a day and after 1 year i am getting around 35 satoshi today. There a lot of contests and free rolls, even email bonuses and free spins on the wheel of fortune.

Overall FreeBitcoin is a legit platform and i will keep using it

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