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Fire Faucet Review : Can you earn with Fire Faucet?

What is Fire Faucet?

-Fire Faucet is a crypto platform where you can ether earn some free crypto or advertise your business. Fire Faucet has been online since 2017 and its been paying its users ever since.I personally have been a member since 2019 and i have been using it to earn some free crypto and to advertise my site. I even have a personal bonus advertiser coupon that gives me 60% bonus for cheaper advertisement since i use it a lot.

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How to start earn of Fire Faucet?

There are many ways to earn on Fire Faucet

-The main things is to get lots of ACP and then use that ACP to get the currency you want

1.Auto Claim Points

-The main thing to earn on Fire Faucet is ACP (Auto Claim Points). You will be getting ACP from every task or action you do on Fire Faucet and you will be using the ACP to get free crypto.

2.Daily Bonus

-You can claim the daily bonus only once per day and get from 50 to 150 ACP


- Here you need to watch few sites with a lot of ads and you will be getting a reward in ACP

- You can do the same shortlink couple of times to max your earnings.


-Surveys are allowed only in some countries since all advertising platforms want the opinion of people where they can place their product. So you can only do surveys if you live in rich counties. I live in Macedonia and i cant do any surveys. If you can do surveys this is probably the best way to earn here since you can earn more than 5$ on a single survey.


-You can claim the faucet every 30 min and get a random reward in ACP


-Offerwall similar to Survey it also depends in which country you live, but there are offerwalls like playing games, doing simple task, watching videos, doing easy quiz that you can do worldwide. Offerwall is also very good paying type of earning of Fire Faucet. There are games and videos that give you more than 10 000 ACP from a single game.

7.Tasks (daily reset)

- Daily tasks are quest you need to finish in order to get bonus rewards. You can compete these tasks on a daily bases and get bonus rewards. This will make you extra earnings and you will get more ACP than you initially clicked for. As you can see from the picture you are getting good rewards for completing all daily tasks.

8.PTC (Pay to click)

-Here you can view new sites for only 10 sec. and you will be rewarded ACP for it.

-You can also promote your site for a cheap price and get new referrals for the site that you advertise

Start earning on Fire Faucet

What currencies you can earn on Fire Faucet?

Once that you get any ACP you can go on the home page scroll down and you will see this

- You can select any coin you want or you can select multiple coins to mine in the same time

-Currently there are 12 different currencies on Fire Faucet


How to withdraw your earnings to your wallet

Once you get the minimum amount of a coin then you can easily withdraw directly to you wallet or withdraw to Faucet Pay which allows you to withdraw at lower minimum. Just press the withdraw button on the wallet icon in Fire Faucet and then chose the coin you want to withdraw. Copy the address from your wallet and paste in the withdraw address bar. If you withdraw to Faucet Pay your payment will be instant and if you withdraw directly to your wallet you will have to wait couple of days.

Final thought : Is Fire Faucet legit and is it worth it?

I personally have been using Fire Faucet for a long time now and i havent had any problem with it since start. If you cant do any survey and offerwall just do some shortlinks, daily faucet, 30 min faucet and complete the tasks that you can. Here you can see all my withdraws from Fire Faucet since the start (until 10.07.2022)... and keep in mind.. i cant do any surveys or offerwall.. this is just from daily faucet, shortlinks, the 30 min faucet and few daily tasks.

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