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CoinPayU Review : How to start earning on CoinPayU? Is this Legit and does it pay?

What is CoinPayU?

-CoinPayU is a platform where you can earn free crypto just by viewing ads, claim faucet,

read articles, watch videos, stake and earn and also you can use CoinPayU for advertisement.

-CoinPayU has been online since 2019 and it has constantly upgraded, latest added are article option, many new coins in the faucet and staking.

-Paying on time

How to start earning on CoinPayU?

-You need to create an account on

link---> CoinPayU

-There are several ways to earn on CoinPayU

-First you can watch different ads to earn free crypto, Surf ads, Window ads, Article ads and Video ads

-Second thing is you can claim the faucet ( you can claim up to 4 different coins a day, every hour. So once that you claim your first four coins (you can choose) then you will only be able to claim those 4 coins that you chose for the rest of the day. You can claim different 4 coins the day after.

What coins can i claim on CoinPayU?

There are 25 different currencies at the moment on CoinPayU, but they constantly add new coins to the faucet. Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Litecoin(LTC), Binance Coin(BNB), Fantom(FTM), Tezos (XTZ), Near Protocol(NEAR), Oasis Network(ROSE), Cardano(ADA), Avalance(AVAX), Dash(DASH), Elrond(EGLD), IOTA(MIOTA), Mina(MINA), Stacks(STX), Shiba Inu(SHIBA), Cosmos(ATOM), Bittorent(BTT), Celo(CELO), Polygon(MATIC)

- Once that you start claiming the faucet, you can ether withdraw that earnings to your wallet or you can swap your claims into which coin you desire .

The minimum to withdraw varies from coin to coin, so its best if you go on the faucet and check the coin you want to withdraw and see its minimum. The minimum is different if you want to swap it to another coin. So its best if you claim the same 4 coins and then swap them into 1 coin so you can withdraw faster.

Staking and earning passive income on CoinPayU

-Third way to earn on CoinPayU is by stacking your earnings and get a passive income with good % on a yearly bases. You will get dividend every 5 days.

and chose the coin you want to stack

then you will see a button that says - See staking guide -

This will show you how to stake and earn in no time.

Final thought : Is CoinPayU legit and does it pay?

I personally use CoinPayU every to claim the faucets and watch some ads. I also use it to promote my site and since there are lots of people using it, its easy to find the people i am looking for. I think this is a great time to claim the faucets since the crypto is cheap. Here are coins that were x5 at their ATH and are very cheap now. I personally love XTZ, STX, ATOM and BTC so i claim them every day. Just open a tab on your phone and claim it when you can. Every dollar you get now can x5 very easy and you dont even have to put your own money... just get it for free..

-Yes CoinPayU pays on time and i haven't had any problem with it

-I highly recommend it as one of the best free faucets there is now

-You can also withdraw your earnings on Faucet Pay at a lower minimum

-You can see my withdraws on my Telegram Group where i post all my withdraws

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