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Avalanche(AVAX)Full Review: Can Avalanche change the ''blockchain game''?

What is Avalanche?

Avalanche is the blockchain industry's quickest smart contracts platform in terms of time-to-finality, and it has the most validators ensuring its activity of any proof-of-stake protocol.

Avalanche is a decentralized application platform that is open and adaptable via smart contracts.

Create dapps that are quick, low-cost, and Solidity-compatible.

Launch Ethereum dapps that immediately confirm transactions and execute hundreds of transactions per second, greatly beyond the capabilities of any decentralized blockchain platform now available.

Create customizable blockchains, both private and public.

Deploy blockchains that are tailored to your specific application requirements. Create your own virtual computer and specify how the blockchain should function.

Scale to millions of validators while using only the most basic gear.

Stake, or lock up, your AVAX to assist in transaction processing and to better safeguard the platform–providing security assurances well over the 51% requirement. You most likely have the necessary hardware to connect to the platform.

What does Avalanche do?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

DeFi is expanding rapidly beyond the boundaries of a single chain. With higher speeds, better throughput, and cheaper costs, Avalanche is completely integrated with Ethereum assets, apps, and tools.

- Assets

- Dex

- Exchanges

- Automated Market Makers

Avalanche in businesses and companies

Avalanche is the most trustworthy platform for institutions, businesses, and governments. With compliance, data security, and other rulesets integrated into the foundation, you can launch assets, develop apps, and construct subnets with total control over your implementation.

Digital creations

Create your own digital valuables in seconds for pennies on the dollar.   Create and share art, collectibles, and other items with all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages.

Final Thought:

Avalanche is a serious runner in the race in the blockchain industry. It has proven many times as a worthy opponent next to Solana, Polkadot, Cardano and even Ethereum. Avalanches speed cannot be matched at the moment providing transaction speed with more than 4.500 (tps) while BTC only offers 7 tps, Ethereum 14 tps and Polkadot 1500 tps, which is not even close to Avalanche. Avalanches speed is good that it needs less than 2 seconds to approve a transaction, Ethereum needs 6 min. and Polkadot needs 1min.

I personally think Avalanche (AVAX) can help the blockchain grow and improve it to a level that no other competitor can, so i think its a good investment for the long run.

Again , i personally own every of these coins that i write about so i own Avalanche also, and its stacked on Binance.

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